Workplace Safety Products and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 


STR Solution Sterilizer 7700


– Size:550(L) x 350(H) x 95(D) mm
– Power: AC 100~230V, 50/60Hz
– Method: ST-Radical Atmospheric Volatilization Method (Photocatalytic Oxidation)
– Capacity: Approx. 1200 sq ft
– Weight: 15.43 lbs
– Test Reports: CORONA VIRUS(MERS), A TYPE INFLUENZA(H1N1), Superbacteria(MRSA) and other germs, Bioaerosol, Virus, and Ozone Level Detector, Noise, Electric safety certification
Proof of harmless to humans by (GLP)
– Sterilization and Air purifier
– Made in Korea